From The Quarantine

B.I.F.T.E.C.K.S. was initially founded on June 15, 2021 as "FargoTeraChobinaKruz" by FargoDutch, Terraroid and Chobinator, with KruzMadden1 joining soon after. Next Mr. Brille and then Mr. skills would join, with the group being renamed to "FargoTeraChobinaKruzBriSkills". After the first base was griefed a second one began construction on September 1, 2021. In January 2022 Octo_I joined the group. A new banner was also created at this time.

The first group base
The groups original banner, "FargoTeraChobinaKruzBrilleSkills".
Picture of a build made by Mr. Skills.
B.I.F.T.E.C.K.S. Second base before being griefed.
B.I.F.T.E.C.K.S. Group banner.
B.I.F. Builders Inc. Banner.